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Agricultural Crop Analysis, and, Thermal Infrastructure Inspections.

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Commercial, Industrial, and Residential. 

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Roof and Infrastructure Inspection


Crop Scouting and Analysis

Professional Results

Crop Health

 Aerial images detect slight temperature variations in fields that lead scouts to problem areas, such as disease, insect problems, wet and cold soils, compaction, planter issues, nitrogen deficiency and other issues.  

Industrial Roof and Infrastructure Inspections

 Thermal cameras are a powerful tool for conducting roof inspections. Wet areas on a roof retain heat longer than dry areas. After the sun goes down and a roof begins to cool, thermal imagery detects these temperature differences and helps inspectors pinpoint areas of concern that warrant a closer look. 

Mapping/4K video

 Today’s drones pack a big punch, helping project managers, site engineers, and virtual design + construction (VDC) teams build instant ROI with jobsite-ready maps and models. Time and again, drones save money, reduce downtime, and improve safety on construction projects. 

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Professional Agricultural Analysis Mapping, and Thermal Infrastructure Inspections

Save time and money detecting problem crop areas before its too late. 

Use Infrared Inspections on Roofs, Wind Generators and Electrical Infrastructure before a breakdown. 

Infrared sensors can see the slightest of heat loss. 

Now Authorized for night  time Thermal Inspections and SAR.

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