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Thermal Flight LLC

2D, 3D Orthomosaic, Digital SURFACE Models, and Infrastructure Inspections

Aerial Roof and Infrastructure Infrared Inspections.

 By using infrared Thermography, we find the trapped moisture and mark the wet areas so that repairs can be made surgically. This can save you money because you may not have to replace the roof as soon. By marking paint directly on the roof, repair areas can be seen by anyone standing on the roofs after the survey is performed.

Commercial Roof Survey's take the Danger of Walking on a roof.

Infrared and How it Works

 During the day, the sun radiates energy onto the roof and into the roof substrate, and then at night, the roof radiates the heat back into outer space. This is called radiational cooling. Areas of the roof that are of a higher mass (wet) retain this heat longer than that of the lower mass (dry) areas. Infrared image's can detect this heat and "see" the warmer, higher mass areas, during the "window" of uneven heat dissipation. Heat loss and other IR services can be performed at the same time. 


Building Infrastructure Inspections can also be done in a completely safely manner. Along with wind turbine and bridge Inspections.  

Drone Inspections are done using a RGB camera with a 45mm lens and a Flir Infrared sensor to give you a complete picture of the structure. Electrical Towers/Pylons can be completed in apr. 10-15 min. In a very safe manner.  Our team works with electric utilities to conduct UAV inspections over transmission facilities and right-of-ways to find and fix issues and improve system reliability. Our data helps identify outdated or problematic components for change-outs, non-standard conditions, tree limbs on power lines, unsecured conductors and more. 

 Using high resolution and thermal imaging or RGB cameras, our UAV team conducts flights over electric substations to identify hot spots, poor connections, damaged components and security concerns before they lead to equipment failure.

 All Infrared Inspections conducted by a Licensed Electrician Thermographer.

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Roof Surveying and Thermal Inspections.

Safely receive Thermal Inspection reports without laying a foot on the roof!

3D Map from Drone Aerial Imagery.

Tower Inspections.

3D Modeling, General Site Audit reporting. Get clear, detailed data reports safely!

Thermal Substation

Substation Inspections

Infrared or RGB data will find the areas of concern before it becomes a problem!

Infrared Transformer and POWER LINE Inspection


Power lines present a unique maintenance challenge not just because of their height but also as they are geographically dispersed. It is possible to carry out an overview assessment of the structures without the need to lock them out.

The key benefits for electrical utility providers include the accurate and reliable inspection of power lines, transformers, tower structures, electrical poles and substations, making inspections more effective, faster and much more safe.